Battling Blondes


Shelby Beach vs. Dia Zerva

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Run Time: 21 mins
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Most women would have run for the hills after having tangled with Pippa L’Vinn but American grappler Dia Zerva is made of sterner stuff; just as soon as her match with Pippa was over the blonde asked “Who else have you got?”.

That question was soon answered as the Yank stepped onto the mats opposite the one and only Brit Bombshell Shelby Beach!

From the very first moment of their match the battle is on to try and overwhelm the other and make her submit! And this multi-fall contest has it all…arm and leg holds scissors matchbook pins chokes chinlocks and even dueling ankle twists!

Anyone who viewed Dia’s first SouthernBelles match could not help but be impressed with just how skilled of an amateur wrestler she really is and with this bout she continues to amaze and astound.