Better Watch Out!!


Venom vs. Axel

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Run Time: 17 mins
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Video Quality: 1080p


This is a unique match for the Southern Belles Club, as our two amateur grapplers, Voluptuous Venom and Dark Destroyer Axel, wanted to wrestle in a pro-style match!
Pippa L’Vinn is the special referee for this one pinfall contest.
This starts rough and only grows wilder from there!  Perhaps it was the pro setting, or maybe just the chemistry between Venom and Axel, but these two clearly don’t like one another, and their hatred only grows as the match progresses.  Soon enough, they aren’t interested in merely beating the other, but in punishing her.
Pippa has her hands full in this one, right up until the three-count finish…and then she has to restore order as the winner tauntingly victory poses over her rival!
Could there be a future in pro wrestling for either of these beauties?  Check out this amazing match to decide for yourself!