Blackbirds Get Poisoned


Pippa L’Vinn & Raven vs. Poison & Morgana

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Run Time: 19 mins
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When you’re on the top of the mountain it’s inevitable that others would try to knock you off. Having pioneered the very concept of tag team amateur wrestling Pippa L’Vinn and Raven knew they were wearing veritable bull’s eyes on their backs.

Rising to the challenge is the duo of Poison and Morgana who are anxious to dethrone the Blackbirds and establish their own primacy on the Southern Belles mats. What makes them an especially potent threat is that both are incredibly skilled grapplers.

The contest that ensues is fast-paced and intense with both teams pushing themselves to their limits. Pippa frequently finds herself tortured by crushing scissorholds and the veteran seems astonished that her two young rivals are able to give her such trouble.

Ultimately the action grows so wild all four wrestlers battle it out in the ring at the same time until one team finally falls to defeat.

Be prepared to be dazzled by the talents of newcomers Poison and Morgana. We haven’t heard the last of these two battling beauties not by a long shot!