Blackbirds Tag Team Showdown


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Lisa Fury

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Run Time: 20 mins
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The moment of truth has come for the Blackbirds at last. After months of intensive training they’re facing their first Southern Belles amateur grappling tag team challengers!

And Lisa and Inferno have intentionally partnered up to challenge the Pippa and Raven knowing that defeating the Blackbirds in their official debut…clipping their wings as it were…would be tremendous career boosts for them both.

And thus we have one of the most spectacular amateur bouts in Southern Belles history as all four amazingly skilled women battle it out. Naturally you can’t have the likes of Pippa L’Vinn in any contest without some chicanery afoot and that eventually spurs each of the wrestlers to enter the fray at the same time turning what had been a tag team match into a two-on-two struggle!

Some truly unbelievable action unfolds as the battle progresses as each team seeks to punish the other with painfully grueling holds. At long last one duo takes firm control of the fight drawing screams from their opponents until finally forcing them both to submit.

But the action doesn’t end there! In fact now things only get crazier!

One member of the losing team is angrily unhappy with her partner and after some sharp words they erupt into an impromptu match of their own…much to the amusement of their rivals who can’t stop giggling at the sight of the supposed partners tearing into each other with a raging fury! After much back-and-forth one beauty locks a sleeperhold on the other forcing her to tap out mere moments before she is driven into total unconsciousness.

And if THAT isn’t enough the ‘victorious loser’ takes special exception to being taunted by one of her opponents and she levels a challenge to her for a one-on-one match. You’d best believe the Southern Belles won’t let that one slip by and we’ll schedule it in the very near future!

It isn’t often you can say that history is made in an amateur match. Happily that history is accompanied by some of the finest amateur grappling you’ll ever see on the mats. Believe us you do NOT want to miss adding this crown jewel to your collection of grappling gems!