Cheating the Cheaters


Scorpion & Alexis vs. Pippa L’Vinn & Raven

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Run Time: 22 mins
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The Blackbirds have reunited to face the challenge of a new team. And while Scorpion and Alexis may be new to teaming up they’re both highly experienced grapplers and they know just how canny Pippa and Raven are at cheating.

So Scorpion and Alexis decide to start cheating first and get the upper hand on their opponents!

Low blows and double-teaming soon have Pippa in serious trouble and when Raven enters the fray what had been intended as a tag team contest erupts into a full-blown brawl with all four women battling it out both inside and outside of the ring!

This is a battle of pure savagery as each team fights tooth and nail to win and ends with one duo left beaten and unconscious on the canvas.