Don’t Trust Anyone


Lisa Fury vs. Scorpion

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Run Time: 20 mins
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In her pre-match interview Scorpion shares with the fans her desire to make the jump from amateur grappling to pro wrestling and even though her scheduled match with Lisa is amateur style she slyly reveals that she plans to use a few pro-style moves against her opponent.

As the two struggle on the mats control shifts back and forth between them and they focus much of their attacks on the limbs. Then Scorpion makes her move crushing Fury with a bearhug. Once she breaks free an amused Lisa says “Oh so you want to go pro do you?” But her amusement comes to a screeching halt as the brunette next traps her with a camel clutch! (Adding insult to injury that’s one of Lisa’s signature pro hold being used against her.)

The pro moves definitely give Scorpion an edge but as she quickly discovers Lisa Fury doesn’t only work pro-style as well… she knows how to brawl and cheat as a pro as well! The brunette reels as she’s blinded by a forearm scrape across the eyes then battered by closed fist punches.

But Scorpion is too gifted an athlete not to battle back and soon she is in command of the fight again. But don’t count Lisa out yet…especially when you see her escape a pin by headbutting her opponent in the chest!

Finally one battler is reduced to helplessness by a very dastardly illegal blow followed by a clutch hold that forces her to sob her submission!

Whether you’re a fan of amateur or pro wrestling this is the best of both worlds as two fantastic grapplers go at it!