Double Dare


Tyler Dare & Lisa Fury vs. Pippa L’Vinn & Raven

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Run Time: 24 mins
File Size (MB/GB): 360
Video Quality: 480p


All hyperbole aside this is quite probably the wildest most epic amateur wrestling battle the SouthernBelles has ever released! As if it being a tag team match between four such volatile athletes isn’t enough add into the mix the high emotions between Pippa and Tyler and this combustible witch’s brew EXPLODES!

There is plenty of outstanding grappling here from all four combatants and young Raven in particular is emerging as a fighting force to be reckoned with boasting a pair of the most lethal legs in wrestling!

And with L’Vinn so anxious to make sure that Tyler and Lisa don’t win it comes as no surprise that she introduces plenty of rulebreaking including a particularly vicious low blow to Tyler that leaves the American redhead in agony!

The action is fast and furious as partners tag in and out with punishment aplenty dished out by both sides. And then just when you think it can’t get any wilder…it most definitely does! As Raven and Lisa struggle against one another in the ring Tyler and Pippa take their fight to ringside and the redhead (more than a little frustrated by how L’Vinn has been dodging her for a one-on-one match) gives her rival a good old fashioned Southern gal beatdown!

Tyler and Lisa need to win this bout if Tyler is ever to receive her match with Pippa and L’Vinn and Raven will do whatever they can to deny their opponents that victory.

The end result is a frenzied and ferocious battle that you will NEVER forget!