Feeling Scorpion’s Sting


Kristie Etzold vs. Scorpion

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Run Time: 15 mins
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This is a big one for the Southern Belles! First of all the amazing Kristie makes her Belles debut. Add to that the return of British grappler Scorpion and we have the makings of a fantastic contest between two veteran combatants!

Two such experienced wrestlers as these aren’t prone to making mistakes. They subject one another to grueling holds determined to wear down the other and either submit or be pinned. It’s a veritable tutorial in submission grappling as each are as close to flawless as possible!

There’s lots of body punishment from scissors in this one and the toll it takes on both is cringe-worthy! Ultimately one woman manages to put the other down for the pin but it’s a hard-fought struggle to reach the end.

Don’t miss a great return and a great debut!