Fighting to Foil the Fury


Lisa Fury vs. Laken

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Run Time: 19 mins
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A new challenger arises to take on Lisa in Southern Belles grappling…the exotic beauty Laken!

Rarely have we ever seen two wrestlers so evenly matched. Their styles are virtually identical and they are equals in strength and skill. The result is a tremendous struggle between the two as each punishes the other with agonizing submission holds only to soon find the situation reversed. Both make repeated efforts to pin the other yet to no avail as anger and frustration mounts.

Lisa and Laken are both pushed to their limits each growing more and more desperate to defeat the other and claim supremacy. At long last after a match full of seemingly endless moans of pain and tears of anguish one woman can take no more and reluctantly submits in the face of a potentially crippling and career-ending hold!

The intensity of the action in this one is astounding! Both Laken and Lisa are spectacularly skilled amateur grapplers and they pull every last tactic they have out of their bags of tricks. And we don’t for a moment expect this to be the last time they square off.

This promises to be the birth of what may well be one of the greatest rivalries in Southern Belles history!