Glamour And Sweat


Jenny Sjodin vs. Amazon Annie

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Run Time: 23 mins
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We could also have probably fit “magnificence” into this amateur style match’s title as well based upon the awesome competitive performances of these two outstanding grapplers! This is spirited aggressive mat wrestling at its finest as Annie and Jenny battle it out for an exhaustive twenty minutes of full-adrenalin struggle!

From the very start neither the voluptuous six foot tall American Annie nor the deceptively powerful Swede Jenny hold anything back and it’s only a matter of minutes before they’re gasping for breath and covered in sweat. They don’t waste precious air on talking they just let their astounding talents do the speaking for them.

The goal is to turn your opponent’s body against her trying to wring submissions by torturing them with scissors arm twists leg holds and chokes… and each accomplished battler does indeed force her adversary to tap out and not only once!

Jenny is the early aggressor intent on taking her larger more powerful opponent down as quickly as possible. But Annie’s tremendous stamina comes to her rescue and it allows her to mount a mighty offensive late in the battle.

Who wins this one? Or is it even possible that either one of these phenomenal athletes could actually be beaten by the other? Only by watching this will you learn the answer…!