Grunts & Groans


Lee vs. Adrianne Carmichael

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Run Time: 29 mins
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A classic Southern Belles match as the fabled Dark Angel of amateur wrestling Lee takes on feisty newcomer Adrianne Carmichael!

Although Adrianne gives up nearly half a foot to her opponent both match up evenly in weight. Adrianne puts her pro wrestling training to work while Lee employs her long arms and legs to tie up and punish her adversary. But if Lee went into this thinking she’d have little trouble with the tyro she quickly learns otherwise as the tide of battle shifts back and forth between them.

Lots of grueling squeezes in this one as heads and bodies are crushed. At one point both women snare each other in headlocks and it’s a duel to see who can outlast the other. As the battle rages on tempers flare and this fight gets personal!

Ultimately both Lee and Adrianne are driven to the brink of total exhaustion and one proud warrior goes for broke with a body-crushing scissors knowing that if she fails she’ll be too spent to carry on the fight.

Post-match interviews with both women round out this exciting visit to the storied past of the Southern Belles!