I Want to be a Pro Wrestler!


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Scorpion

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Run Time: 22 mins
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In the minutes prior to what is scheduled to be a Southern Belles amateur match Pippa seeks out her opponent Scorpion and introduces herself. Scorpion is particularly excited because she’s been studying videos of pro wrestling matches and is eager to try it. However L’Vinn tries to extinguish that hope by reminding her that this will strictly be an amateur style bout.

Soon enough however Scorpion begins to introduce some pro-style holds into the mat match which infuriates Pippa. Gaining control of the fight L’Vinn grabs Scorpion by the hair and throws her into the adjacent ring deciding that since her adversary is so keen on wrestling like a pro then Pippa…one of England’s most consummate professional wrestlers… will show her just what that means.

Her anger flaring Pippa doesn’t simply work in the pro style now… she subjects Scorpion to an array of painfully illegal moves as well intent on teaching the upstart a lesson. Yet although she suffers greatly time and again Scorpion battles back repeatedly proving herself a match for L’Vinn!

Both wrestlers suffer greatly as they battle away at one another until finally one exhausted warrior is able to make her opponent submit at last.

Great action from start to finish with this one…with the start in amateur grappling and the finish in a pro brawl!