I Want To Win!


Shelby Beach vs. Raven

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Run Time: 17 mins
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Shelby Beach and Raven have faced one another many times in tag team matches but this is a rare occasion when they square off one-on-one!

They start off with a test of strength but while both beauties are more or less equal in terms of raw power Shelby’s vast experience allows her to take her opponent down to the mat rather quickly. But to the blonde’s surprise Raven swiftly escapes and in a heartbeat has the Blonde Bombshell struggling in a Camel Clutch!

What follows this opening exchange is an exciting contest between two consummate grapplers replete with a wide array of holds ranging from ankle locks and headscissors to half-Boston Crabs and keister bumps!

Tremendous action from two amazingly skilled battlers! You just won’t forgive yourself if you miss this one!