I’ll Make You Give!


Shelby Beach vs. Nexus

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Run Time: 20 mins
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Nexus makes her Southern Belles debut and the newcomer has her work cut out for her as she’s facing the British Bombshell herself Shelby Beach.

Now Nexus is a talented young wrestler but Shelby is a vaunted veteran who has helped write the book of amateur grappling. And so not surprisingly (except perhaps to Nexus) the blonde is in strong command on much of the first half of the match drawing several tap-outs in this multi-fall contest.

But then slowly but steadily Nexus starts to exert periods of control herself. Perhaps she’s a quick study and learned from what Shelby was doing to her. Or maybe she’s more skilled than she had let on and she was just taking her opponent’s measure while probing for Shelby’s weaknesses. Whatever the case the young brunette is soon giving the veteran a real battle!

But you’d be a fool to ever write off Shelby Beach and she gives just as good as she gets. This struggle is replete with crushing scissors strangling chokeholds spine-rending backbreakers and much much more!