Introducing Karolina


Raven vs. Karolina

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Run Time: 19 mins
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New blood comes to the Southern Belles Euro-Belles ranks as powerful blonde Karolina debuts to challenge Raven! This is an incredibly fast-paced bout with both highly skilled grapplers amply displaying the full range of their wrestling talents. Raven so often the dominant force in her matches finds in Karolina an opponent who is every bit as aggressive. More than once the brunette suffers from the crushing steel of her opponent’s legs!

The intensity is underscored by the fact that Karolina came into this match with a fierce dislike of her adversary; soon enough she gives Raven every reason to hate her too!

As the contest grinds on one beauty manages to systematically wear her opponent out until finally delivering the coup de grâce: a chokehold that forces the hapless victim to tap out!

Karolina is an exciting new addition to the Belles as we’re sure you’ll agree once you’ve watched this one!