Josianne Says Gotcha


Josianne vs. Onyx

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Run Time: 25 mins
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Josianne is certainly no stranger to SouthernBelles and its fans… nor is her arrogance. During the opening comments the French Canadian beauty leans leisurely against the ropes showing little regard for her opponent or the battle they’re about to wage.

“So I’m here to destroy this girl” she breezily states “I think her name is Onyx…” shortly before concluding her remarks in a manner only our French speaking fans will be able to understand.

Onyx by contrast is fired up and ready to go. “I can’t even pronounce her name but that don’t even matter” the Baltimore born LA-based brunette responds. “Somebody’s kissing that mat today and it ain’t gonna be me!”

And with that this multi-submission contest is soon underway. It’s clear from the outset that these two ladies don’t like each other very much and they waste little time in throwing the rulebook out the window. Indeed when Onyx notes that there’’s no referee Josianne launches into an onslaught that is as intense as it is underhanded — not to mention below the belt.

Onyx gamely battles back and the majority of the contest is a decidedly back and forth matter. But in the closing minutes one woman takes control almost toying with her foe. She collects a final submission followed by a pin before at last — though not necessarily mercifully — putting her rival to sleep.

Who emerges triumphant? And who ends the contest out cold? Download today and find out!