Manchester Tough Girl


Raven vs. Cheetah

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Run Time: 16 mins
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No one can dispute that Raven is one tough fighter. Now from London comes a newcomer to the Southern Belles blonde Cheetah who intends to put the brunette’s toughness to the test.

Of course she doesn’t get off to a very good start as Raven deftly has her opponent submitting the first fall in under a minute! But that just seems to fire up Cheetah and she scores the second submission in less than half-a-minute!

Pride is on the line now as the two battlers struggle to prove who is both better and tougher! Lots of scissors in this one (including a rib-crushing duel of simultaneous vise holds) plus agonizing holds that twist legs arms and spines!

Who proves tougher? We suspect you’ll come away from this impressed by just how tough both beauties are!