Mat Maulings


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Josianne

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Run Time: 17 mins
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French Canadian grappler Josianne steps onto the mat curiously enough to find the cat masked of the mysterious woman whom she wrestled in a recent impromptu match. Suddenly the door slams and Pippa L’Vinn says in a voice that mixes glee with menace “There’s nobody here now there’s just you and me… nobody else to interrupt us.” And to make sure of that she locks the door.

And just moments after the battle is on! L’Vinn is clearly relishing this opportunity to pit herself against one of the world’s premier grapplers… but that resolve is quickly tested as Josianne traps her in a scissors and sarcastically says “Let me know when you want to start to wrestle.” But Pippa hasn’t achieved the renown she enjoys by not knowing a thing or two and she is swiftly about to counter with a scissors of her own.

And so the battle goes the advantage shifting back and forth with plenty of verbal tauntings from both beauties. Finally one woman manages to snare her rival in a crushing vise hold; the victim defiantly gasps “You’ll have to squeeze me harder than that!”… and so her tormentor does until the trapped battler can stand it no longer and she taps out of this multi-fall match.

But it doesn’t end there!

The camera is there a short while later as one wrestler stealthily returns to retrieve the mask that had been left behind… and her adversary jumps her from behind sparking an entirely new battle that’s even more intense than their first one! Both throw caution to the wind this time and it’s a raucous contest until one woman finally snares the other in a choking sleeperhold refusing to release it until her victim is left utterly unconscious!

These aren’t your standard mat matches… these are battles in a WAR to be the woman to claim bragging rights as the superior wrestler! You know how great both Pippa and Josianne are in action… and now you can enjoy them together at the peak of their powers in what will surely prove to be an all-time classic encounter!

Once again the Southern Belles has searched the globe to bring you only the finest in amateur wrestling!