Morgana Means Mayhem


Morgana vs. Raven

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Run Time: 17 mins
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Southern Belles fans are well aware of the fact that Raven has emerged as one of the most dominant amateur grapplers in Britain. And perhaps that success has gone to her head because she recently contacted our office and announced “Bring me some new talent I’m bored beating all of these other girls.”

It just so happens that only days later we received a call from another outstanding grappler Morgana who told us in no uncertain terms that she wanted a match with Raven. “She’s one of your best,” she said “and I only fight the best.”

As these two had never faced one another before Raven assumed that her opponent was at the same disadvantage as she was by not knowing much about her adversary. But what Raven didn’t know is that Morgana made good use of our Southern Belles archives watching every single match Raven has had over the years. As a result, the outside came into this bout intimately knowledgeable about her rival’s strengths and weaknesses.

Pippa L’Vinn referees this one and she more than has her hands full! The action is fast and physical as both powerful beauties battle one another. Tempers flare and frustrations set blood boiling as Raven and Morgana struggle in this best-of-three falls contest.

They say that pride comes before a fall and these are two very proud women… arrogantly so. And one will have her pride smashed as she falls to her rival. You truly do not want to miss this one!