Muscle vs. Muscle


Raven vs. Alexis

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Run Time: 18 mins
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There’s no denying that Raven is one of the most powerful wrestlers in the Southern Belles and that her sheer raw strength usually allows her to overwhelm her opponents.

But what happens when the Blackbird is faced with an opponent who is as mighty as she is? Muscle for muscle and pound for pound lovely Alexis is not only certain she’s as powerful as Raven is but that she is actually more powerful.

This begins with arm wrestling first with their right hands and then with their left with Alexis overpowering Raven in each round. That leads into a wrestling match and here the redheaded Alexis is determined to win as well.

But Raven’s pride already stung by having lost at arm wrestling drives her on to struggle with every iota of power she has.

After a grueling battle one woman is driven to submit by the agonizing power of her opponent’s leg scissors but the rivalry between these two is just beginning and we’re witnessing the start of what promises to be a tremendous ongoing contest between these two mighty ladies!