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Eva vs. London

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Run Time: 18 mins
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We’ve been trying to bring London into the SouthernBelles for months but the blonde insisted that her first opponent must be Eva. Well as soon as Eva was available we rushed the blonde right up to Manchester! First class!

And right from the start we can see why the blonde wanted to face the brunette; so similar are they in size and style they actually match up nearly perfectly.

And London was determined to make her Belles debut by beating the one woman who is her virtually identical wrestling match!

Of course Eva isn’t about to just roll over and lose.

The result is a tremendous contest between the two dauntless diminutive dynamos replete with scissors Camel Clutches Rear Naked Chokes leg splits Bow & Arrows Surfboards and such less-than-cricket tactics as face slams to the turnbuckles and foot stomps!

After a raucous back-and-forth struggle one grappler snares her rival in an agonizing hold that drives the victim to submit and the winner gleefully taunts her beaten adversary.

But somehow we don’t think this rivalry is over!