Practice on Pins


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Raven

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Run Time: 12 mins
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The training sessions continue between the Blackbirds Pippa and Raven. This time veteran L’Vinn wants to focus on pinfall maneuvers… not simply how to apply them but how to escape from them as well.

Although still a relative newcomer to amateur grappling (certainly in comparison to her partner) Raven nonetheless displays tremendous skill proving her mettle by keeping Pippa pinned to the mat for ten counts multiple times…a feat which few women in wrestling be it the amateur or professional ranks can boast!

And while they may be partners they’re also two exceptionally prideful warriors and neither one is particularly keen on being shown up by the other. So their contest grows more competitive until ultimately they lock one another in dual headscissors each demanding in pained gasps that the other submit!

Perhaps not unexpectedly the natural competitiveness of the two Blackbirds emerges in the course of their training bout as best exemplified by the finale as the camera fades to black with one wrestler pinning her partner and holding her down not merely for the count of ten but actually counting much further than that! It’s a genuine show of dominance of one over the other.

Fans have found the previous practice videos we’ve released to be fascinating glimpses into the grueling world behind the curtain in amateur wrestling and we have no doubt they’ll be mightily impressed with this one as well. Incidentally we’ve also heard rumors that several other grapplers have been studying these videos intently perhaps searching to chinks in the armor of the Blackbirds. We’ll see if this comes to anything!