Practice Tina, Practice


Tyler Dare vs. Tina Fierce

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Run Time: 42 mins
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We open with Tyler applying makeup as she addresses the camera. She’s not the least bit happy because her scheduled opponent Tina has seemingly blown her off. Well rather than waste the opportunity to put the camera crew to work the redhead decides to answer some of the many question she’s received from fans in an impromptu Q&A. This even turns into a bit of a fashion show as she excuses herself and then returns wearing her favorite bikini!

She then receives an Email from Tina who says she’s running late and will be there shortly. Still miffed at the brunette’s insolence the highly skilled veteran decides to teach the younger woman a lesson in the fine art of submission wrestling.

Of course Tyler quickly learns to her own surprise that Tina has clearly been practicing and she gives the redhead more of a challenge than she expected!

Southern Belles fans just can’t get enough of the fabulous Tyler and this great match proves why!