Putting The Squeeze On


Julie Squeeze vs. Frankie Z

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Run Time: 17 mins
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The West Coast Belles return in a multi-fall contest! Blonde Julie and raven-haired Frankie two powerful and statuesque battlers go at it with an intensity that transcends amateur grappling and that would put most pro wrestlers to shame!

Frankie quickly takes the first fall forcing Julie to submit from a painful Boston Crab. Round Two finds the brunette in control once more but that changes suddenly thanks to a most unsportswomanlike hairpull from Julie. Multiple falls ensue including one in which the two beauties struggle against dual headscissors!

The match continues and the intensity flares ever-hotter. Seriously these two women do NOT like each other and they hold nothing back! At long last one wrestler not only forces her agonized rival to submit but to shamefully admit “You’re the better fighter!” But the winner isn’t done humiliating her opponent yet… she insists on planting a foot upon the fallen woman and striking a triumphant victory pose!

More exciting new action from our California Belles… you won’t want to miss this!