Raising Eire


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Viper Max

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Run Time: 18 mins
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The Irish invasion of British wrestling continues! For months Viper Max has been planning for her challenge to Pippa L’Vinn. The Irish blonde had requested copies of every one of Pippa’s Southern Belles matches studying each again and again discerning the Brit’s strengths and weaknesses and searching for chinks in the veteran’s armour. At long last Viper felt confident she was ready.

There are no pre-match taunts here…not a single breath or iota of energy is wasted on anything other than the battle itself. And what a battle it is! The two women explode in action on the mat each giving it her all to overcome the other.

Tensions flare as both battlers punish one another and both Viper and Pippa are pushed to their absolute physical limits. Finally one beauty is able to wrap her legs around the head of the other crushing her victim’s skull between her steely thighs until finally the hapless warrior has no choice but to submit.

Adding insult to injury the victorious vixen plants a boot on her fallen rival and flexes her arms in a victory pose claiming her triumph!