Raven’s Rage


Raven vs. Viktoria

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Run Time: 23 mins
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Viktoria takes on Raven in this Southern Belles Wrestling match. And for those fans who know the experience of Viktoria then you only have to think how will Raven even have a chance at winning this match. Both wrestlers are very athletic and attractive… and strong.

In some respects SBWC wanted to see this challenge just to ‘test’ Raven’s skills on this particular day. She may be in for a surprise but this is what the SBWC committee wanted to see.

This turned out to be pretty competitive for both wrestlers. For fans of either wrestler you’ll enjoy the struggle and determination from both girls. It’s the classic blond vs brunette. Who will win? And will it be be so evenly matched it will just be a reason for a rematch? Those who have previewed this match think it’s worthy of your attention.

One thing we can tell you is that Raven has certainly improved and grown much stronger. Strong enough to win or left to lose to the pretty Hungarian?

For those fans who enjoy a good spirited amateur match this one is for you.