Russian Sees Red II


Natasha vs. Tyler Dare

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Run Time: 25 mins
File Size (MB/GB): 249
Video Quality: 480p


Redheaded Southern scrapper Tyler again meets up with blonde Russian assassin Natasha! After their first bout the loser demanded a rematch and the winner…anxious to prove her victory was no fluke… accepted.

There’s no pretense of civility here as both women share a hard-earned loathing for each other. This best of three falls contest can be won only by forcing your opponent to submit a fall or by pinning her for the count of ten. And neither wrestler holds back anything as each drives herself to the limit to beat the other!

This one goes to all three falls and ends only when one agonized beauty in danger of being crippled reluctantly taps out. One can’t help but suspect that the winner secretly hoped her rival would have held out a little bit longer so she could have inflicted even more damage to her…!

Their first meeting was an amazing match and this one amps that up tenfold! A real feud for the ages is unleashed here and you do NOT want to miss it!