Scissor Session Training


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Raven

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Run Time: 13 mins
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The training of the Blackbirds continues! This time as the title suggests Pippa and Raven focus on the art of scissoring.

Both wrestlers have been relishing this one as each possess some of the most powerful legs in amateur grappling. But the Blackbirds also realize that applying a scissors is only half of the knowledge they need to sharpen…they must also build up their endurance to withstand the crushing power of an opponent’s thighs as well.

The training regimen which the duo have put themselves through has been so grueling many wrestlers might not be able to endure it all. But so determined are Raven and Pippa to be the best they push themselves to their limits and beyond! And you the fans have been privy to their astounding training secrets in this exclusive videos!