Southern Belle Bombshells


Axa vs. Kyra

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Run Time: 20 mins
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Axa returns to the Belles at last this time to take on a fellow blonde Brit newcomer Kyra!
From the very start Axa is the aggressor here but Kyra ably demonstrates her resiliency making for a tough fast-paced struggle throughout this multiple fall bout.

Both battlers possess incredibly powerful legs and thus it’s no surprise that they employ their sculpted gams throughout drawing submissions from the other. Such holds include body vises standing head scissors and even dual head scissors in which the ladies strain fiercely to drive the other to surrender before she herself must succumb to the crushing pressure.

Ultimately after many falls one exhausted blonde realizes she’s passed her point of no return and she yields the entire match by turning from her opponent and walking away leaving the proud winner to strike a victory pose.

Axa is one of the most popular British lasses we’ve had on our mats in recent years and in her return she proves she’s lost one of her skill or fighting spirit. Likewise Kyra is sure to gain more than a few fans from this match!