Take Me Seriously, Fans!


Jolene Hexx vs. Savannah Fox

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Run Time: 16 mins
File Size (MB/GB): 244
Video Quality: 720p


What happens when you have legitimate wrestling skills but match promoters and video producers want you to do staged ‘catfights’ instead? If you’re Jolene Hexx and Savannah Fox you contact the Southern Belles and you say “set up a match!”

Both ladies are anxious to demonstrate to the fans that they have genuine grappling talents and they see this match as the perfect forum to do so. Of course it goes without saying that both Savannah and Jolene are bound and determined to win this contest thus not only proving their actual skills but also proving who the better wrestler is.

This is a grueling contest between the two as they subject one another to holds that you just don’t see in fantasy catfights. The strain and pain take their toll on each of them but they continue to push themselves past the limits of their endurance.

And at long last one emerges victorious…and her rival is rendered unconscious by a crushing Reverse Headscissors!

This is a tremendous match between two ladies who prove they have all that it takes to be serious wrestlers!