Taking It Out On Raven


Lisa Fury vs. Raven

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Run Time: 13 mins
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Rarely has a wrestler’s name proven so apt. Following her humiliating defeat to Pippa L’Vinn (“Two Pretty in Pink” #422) Lisa is seething with fury!
But since L’Vinn sees no reason to give the blonde another match Lisa has to turn her ire elsewhere. She turns her glare instead to the next best thing… Pippa’s protégé Raven.

Fans who have followed Raven’s development know she is emerging as one of the most impressively skilled newcomers in wrestling today. But Lisa is already a well-established veteran well on her way to legend status and when she takes off the kid gloves and gives it her all poor Raven doesn’t stand much of a chance.

Fury punishes the brunette slamming her from pillar to post and makes the youngster basically second-guess her decision to ever get into wrestling!