Tall & Untamed


Loxleigh vs. Pussy Willow

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Run Time: 16 mins
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Two of the more powerful newcomers to the Southern Belles face off in this multi-fall submission match.

There are plenty of grueling grinding submission holds in this one but legs are the special focus both as weapons and as targets. The shapely stems of both battlers were left sore and bruised for days after this match!

Poor Pussywillow discovers the disadvantage of going barefoot as Loxleigh cruelly bends and twists her toes!

This is a tremendous contest between two powerhouse blondes that finally ends when one brutally batters the other with face punches and head slams to the floor and then…what else…agonizingly bends her opponent’s legs leaving the victim in tears as she is forced to swallow her ride and submit the match!

Tremendous action in the best Belles tradition!