The Army Brat


Tyler Dare vs. Alex

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Run Time: 22 mins
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Tyler returns to the Southern Belles’ mat… or more precisely the Southern Belles return to Tyler’s mat as this match takes place in her own home!

The strawberry blond takes on a newcomer to grappling beautiful Alex. But while Alex may be a rookie she quickly proves she knows how to handle herself. Having grown up as an “Army brat” she’s tough and strong and she doesn’t hesitate to mix it up against her veteran opponent.

That’s proven in the first fall of this best of seven submission only struggle when Alex wraps her legs around Tyler’s waist and SQUEEZES until her opponent gasps out her submission! That came as a total shock to Tyler who of course is famed for her own scissors and to be beaten at her own game that way by a newbie is an embarrassment!

Tyler looks to pay her adversary back hard in the following rounds but Alex fights back just as intensely. By the end both panting wrestlers are fighting against exhaustion as much as they are each other. One woman finally gets her fourth submission and claims the match but her opponent is still raring to go and demands a rematch in the near future.

Watch this and you’ll not only see yet again why Tyler is such a legend among the Belles but you can also witness the debut of Alex a woman who promises to be a major force in the Southern Belles in the days to come!