The Blonde & The Blaze


Sheena vs. Inferno

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Run Time: 16 mins
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As a fan it can be an easy thing to forget just how demanding a match is for the wrestlers. In this Southern Belles bout blonde Sheena and redheaded Inferno give everything they’ve got not only completely exerting themselves in trying to overwhelm the other but also calling upon their last dregs of strength to withstand the punishment they’re made to endure. “Grueling” is a word that does not begin to encompass what these beauties put themselves through.

And both Inferno and Sheena are so closely matched neither can hold the upper hand for long over the other making this a remarkable see-saw battle between the two. They inflict agony with scissors leg holds chokes and more. And they’re each remarkably agile flipping across the mats with gymnastic precision.

After a long and exhausting struggle one wrestler traps her opponent in a hold that threatens to cripple the anguished beauty forcing her to finally submit the match. Impressively once the fight comes to an end these two warriors…who just moments before had tried their damnedest to destroy the other… hug each other in a show of hard-earned mutual respect.

The Southern Belles has long been the home of outstanding amateur grappling and this match proves why!