The Rougher The Better


Tyler Dare vs. Hans

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Run Time: 17 mins
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The Southern Belles take a rare turn into mixed amateur style grappling as the legendary Tyler Dare returns to accept the challenge from the man called Hans… and it’s a rough one indeed!

Early on Tyler gains the advantage with her aggressive assault scoring several pins over her male opponent. But as the bout wears on we realize that Hans has been following a strategy; he’s counting on his greater strength and endurance to turn the tide in his favor.

And as that indeed becomes the case the redhead is panic-stricken as she’s crushed by his bearhugs and leg scissors and now it’s Tyler who’s tapping out!

Knowing she has only one narrow chance to beat Hans Tyler goes all-out calling upon every last dreg of power in her body to try and overwhelm her relentless adversary.

Can she do it or has the ravishing redhead set herself up for defeat? Add this one to your collection to find out!