There Can Only Be One


Eva vs. Raven

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Run Time: 16 mins
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The saga of who will be Pippa L’Vinn’s partner continues. Eva insists she has won the right and proven herself but that doesn’t sit will with Raven who of course has already been Pippa’s partner for several years now.

After some catty remarks between the two combatants the match is on to determine just who gets the coveted partnership!

And the action in this one is fierce as both beauties seek to not simply beat the other but devastate and humble her as well! After a wild back and forth contest they come to a stalemate each crushing the other in their powerful headscissors and using their nails to scratch the other!

At this point Pippa rushes into the ring to break them up and send them back to their locker rooms angrily admonishing them with “It’s one thing to have a proper match but a catfight is quite another thing!”

So the question still remains unanswered…but there’s no doubt that this issue isn’t settled between Raven and Eva and clearly won’t be until one has completely destroyed the other!