To The Bitter End


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Ina Black

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Run Time: 21 mins
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Exciting multi-fall mat grappling as Pippa takes on the powerful Ina!

L’Vinn of course is one of the most accomplished amateur wrestlers in the UK but Black has also been building a reputation for herself as a grappler. And Ina possesses not only a vast knowledge of holds and counters but she also displays a surprising amount of speed and agility.

No doubt about it she’s one of Pippa’s toughest challengers in quite a while!

Fall after fall these two struggle to overpower one another. Advantages are held and then lost fortunes waxing and waning as the two women push themselves to the edge of exhaustion.

The contest goes the full limit… right to the bitter end!

Tremendous amateur action in the Southern Belles style you know and love!