Trouble Gets Doubled


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Shelby Beach

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Run Time: 23 mins
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Longtime fans know that there has been no more volatile feud in British women’s wrestling than the rivalry between Pippa and Shelby. And in this their latest confrontation Shelby decides to play a mind game on her foe: She invites Lina the stunning newcomer to the Belles (and the woman who had just delivered L’Vinn the most devastating defeat of her career!) to sit at ringside.

Lina’s unwelcome presence is clearly preying on Pippa’s mind as the match starts as much to Beach’s delight she is able to take quick control of the match over her distracted adversary. But the brunette isn’t distracted for long and within moments she’s able to focus her attention where it belongs and she reverses. Still she takes a moment to glare at the woman outside of the ring point menacingly and snarl “I’m watching you!”

There’s some brilliant back-and-forth grappling between the two but then L’Vinn manages to gain the upper hand and keep it no doubt anxious to make a good showing in front of Lina and send her a signal that the next time they meet the brunette aims to pay her back with interest for what happened in their last match. Indeed Pippa becomes so preoccupied with Lina it’s almost as if she’s forgotten about Shelby!

In order to break one hold Beach must resort to some illegal tugging of her opponent’s chestnut mane leading L’Vinn to snap “Don’t pull my beautiful hair!”

Ever more determined to devastate Shelby it isn’t long before Pippa resorts to illegal tactics of her own culminating with tying the blonde up in the ropes to work her over with choking and punches!

Suddenly Lina is no longer at ringside… she’s inside the squared circle itself attacking Pippa and freeing Shelby! Then with no referee present to stop them the two flaxen haired fighters decide to double-team the brunette!

What follows is the longest ten minutes of Pippa L’Vinn’s life as she quite literally decimated by her rivals! Shelby and Lina run her through a gamut of agonizing holds with a few dirty tricks of their own throw in for good measure; one of those tricks in particular finally drives the mauled brunette to gasp her submission (honestly this might be the first time EVER any wrestler has been made to submit from what the blondes do to L’Vinn!).

Afterward as she recovers in the lockerroom a very battered and exhausted Pippa grants an interview.
Belles fans have quickly come to love Lina and this by far her wildest match yet… don’t miss it!