Trying to Tame the Tiger


Cali Logan vs. Tiger Lilly

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Run Time: 21 mins
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Sometimes you can be too beautiful to be taken seriously. For instance look at Cali Logan and Tiger Lilly two stunning models. Most people would not expect much more from them than to simply be the gorgeous women that they are. But they are indeed much much more than just their pretty looks… they’re also wrestlers! And good ones!

Yes they’ve done their share of ‘light fantasy’ wrestling just as many other models have. But that isn’t what we do here at the SouthernBelles and Cali and Lilly know that which is why they approached us for the opportunity to face each other in a real competitive match. They didn’t want there to be any doubts that they truly know how to wrestle.

Watching this contest if you had any of those doubts they will swiftly be erased. These women are genuine athletes… well trained in the art of grappling. This is a tremendous struggle not only between two avid competitors but also against a stereotype…and Lilly and Cali manage to smash that stereotype to tiny pieces over the course of this match!

Longtime Southern Belles fans know full well that beautiful women CAN wrestle and now two of the most beautiful to ever grace our mats are here to prove that fact beyond a shadow of a doubt. Don’t miss this one!