Tyler Beats A Blackbird


Tyler Dare vs. Raven

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Yes we’ve taken the suspense out of this by telling you right in the title who wins. But trust us knowing how it ends won’t diminish one iota your enjoyment of this incredible match!

As fans know Raven is the first challenger Tyler must beat in order to earn a shot at Pippa L’Vinn. The redheaded American will face a gauntlet of three women and must beat at least two of them. Needless to say Tyler hasn’t traveled all the way across the Atlantic to lose to anyone much less the protege of the woman she’s been hunting for years!

Under Pippa’s guidance Raven has truly blossomed into one of the most formidable young amateur grapplers in all of the UK and she puts all of her skills on display here giving Tyler one hell of a battle! This is an extremely physical contest as both seek to overpower the other. Lots of head and bodyscissors in this along with leg holds and even a fireman’s carry. And although pins don’t count in this submission-only match both beauties enjoy schoolgirl and matchbook pinning the other multiple times just to show to her opponent how helpless she is… at least for the moment!

Yes Tyler wins this but it’s a damned near thing for the Yank. And if she can be sure of anything it’s that Pippa will make certain that her next challenger is even more daunting!