Tyler vs. Crystal Jacobs: Rematch


Tyler Dare vs. Crystal Jacobs

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Run Time: 25 mins
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Following the events of their previous match (SB #39) the loser Crystal vowed to even up the score. Returning home to Augusta Georgia she plunged into an intense training regimen dropping ten pounds while also enhancing her already impressive musculature. Finally after several weeks she returned to Tyler’s stomping grounds in Charlotte North Carolina to get her back on the mats.

Tyler garbed in a skintight shimmering purple one-piece that accentuates every curve of her taut body remembers full well the challenge which the newcomer gave her last time and she knows she’s in for an even harder fight tonight. As the match starts the redhead goes on the immediate offensive hoping to tie up and pin the stronger girl right at the outset. But Crystal demonstrating her impressive strength easily breaks free and starts to twist the body of her rival like taffy!

Of course Tyler hasn’t been undefeated in her return to the Southern Belles Club because of mere luck. As Crystal well remembers from their first confrontation the redhead possesses the speed the agility the skills and even the strength to wage a mighty fight and that’s just what she gives the blond tonight!

If you enjoyed their first match then there’s no doubt that you’re really going to love this one. And if you’re a new fan of the Southern Belles this is a great introduction to the club!

Fans have been clamoring for more Tyler and more Sunshine and now both return to battle it out yet again. Who wins this one? Download it today to find out!