Tyler vs. Sunshine: Rematch!


Tyler Dare vs. Sunshine

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Run Time: 19 mins
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Sometimes a loss doesn’t end a fight it just delays the continuation a bit.
Sunshine made her amateur wrestling debut several months ago against Tyler giving the more experienced Southern Belle a solid challenge. However Tyler’s skill ultimately prevailed and she managed to beat the powerful blond.

That didn’t sit too well with Sunshine yet rather than demand an instant rematch she instead took the time to hit the gym and train even harder until she felt she was ready to face Tyler again and this time beat the redhead.
And the Floridian definitely takes the fight to the Carolina native! If Tyler came into this rematch expecting to easily handle her rival she is quickly taught otherwise. But of course Southern Belles fans know that when Tyler gets riled up that’s when she’s the most dangerous!

In addition to all of the action both wrestlers are interviewed following the match.

Fans have been clamoring for more Tyler and more Sunshine and now both return to battle it out yet again. Who wins this one? Download it today to find out!