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Axa vs. Electra

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Run Time: 22 mins
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Two brand new Belles join our ranks as gorgeous blonde Axa takes on equally beautiful brunette Electra!

In pre-match statements Axa confidently predicts of her opponent “She’s got no chance!” Enthusiastically Electra replies “Bring it on girl!” And soon enough they both indeed bring it!

With the opening bell the time for words is over save for the grunts of both women as they seek to overpower the other in this multi-fall submission only struggle. Both Electra and Axa are highly skilled mat warriors and this immediately becomes an intense contest for command… and the intensity doesn’t let up until the very last moment when one woman can no longer withstand the agony and exhaustion!

The Southern Belles Club long ago demolished the fiction that stunning women can’t possibly also be outstanding grapplers and we again prove beauty and talent can exist side-by-side on the mat with this one. Don’t miss it!