Venom’s Competitive Nature


Venom vs. Pippa L’Vinn

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Run Time: 17 mins
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Venom returns to the Southern Belles ring looking for the greatest possible challenge and Pippa L’Vinn intends to give her just that.

But Pippa swiftly learns that her opponent isn’t there to play around… she came to win!

With her tremendous strength and agility blonde Venom time and again breaks or reverses her veteran adversary’s best holds. It’s all L’Vinn can repeatedly do just to grab the ropes to force a release from Venom’s powerful clutches.

But using the rules to escape from holds won’t win matches so Pippa goes all-out gradually wearing down the blonde with agonizing holds that sap Venom’s strength.

Finally, the end comes for the two exhausted battlers when one snares the other in a crippling hold demanding her victim surrender… which the trapped wrestler must do or risk serious injury!