Vying For Victory


Trinity vs. Julie Squeeze

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Run Time: 19 mins
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Pro wrestler Trinity steps into the realm of amateur grappling as she faces off with Julie Squeeze. But the intensity between these two blondes is so fierce that it isn’t long before this descends into a veritable barroom brawl!

Both throw the rulebook out with closed fist punches and choking. And when Trinity gains the upper hand she subjects poor Julie to a wrestler’s wish list of agonizing holds! But just as the pro thinks that victory is hers for the taking Julie turns the tables on her and now it’s Trinity’s turn to be punished… and punished PAINFULLY!

After both women have their spells of dominance over the other the tide shifts back and forth between them as each battler is pushed to the limits of her endurance. Finally one wrestler finds herself trapped in an excruciating hold and tearfully submits the match.

To the many Southern Belles fans who have clamored for Trinity in amateur action your wish is granted!