You Better Be Serious


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Adrianne Carmichael

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Run Time: 19 mins
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We are treated to a backstage glimpse of Megan Jones applying make up and adjusting her costume as she prepares for her upcoming match: “Perfect” she whispers as she checks herself out in the mirror and claims to be “The real Southern Belle from America”. Pippa L’Vinn then storms into the changing room clearly angry with the amount of time she’s been waiting for her opponent: “Are you serious about this match or should I book you in for facials or a massage ?”. Pippa threatens to send her back to the USA in pain and makes her way to the mats agitated and furious slamming the wall on route… appears that this inconvenience is going to unlock her fiery attitude of old. The girls lock up on the mats: Megan in a green bikini with Pippa attired in a pretty white floral top and matching briefs/trunks. Megan seems unfazed by Pippa’s anger and to her credit takes initial charge of the bout with a crushing head scissors to her host twisting and turning her into the mats. Full of confidence the American grappler teases Pippa: “What are you gonna do now huh ?” as she manoeuvres her startled rival into a punishing headlock then threatening complete control with a waistlock squeezing her ribs. Pippa is able to free herself from the hold and exclaims defiantly: “I’m just warming up now !”.

It’s clear that to win this battle Pippa will need to call on her wealth of experience and remain determined resolute and defiant to defeat her American adversary. Megan’s assets are also applied to great affect as she continues to overpower Pippa whose strength is ascending with each defensive counter. Ms Jones then acknowledges why Pippa L’Vinn is such a magnificent athlete be it in the ring or on the mats and realizes that she is in for one hell of a fight … The intensity heightens further as both ladies’ dogged tenacity is played out before us in a fascinating test of strength and battle of wills ! Pippa goes for a leglock but this is countered by Megan with a choke-hold…Pippa comes back strong with a series of holds to her opponent clamping her leg across Megan compounded by a painful armbar with her magnificent thighs and chokes her with her left foot. Megan’s screams of anguish echo around the venue before she is able to unfurl herself out of this potentially crushing hold.

The fight roars on at a swift pace with each wrestler striving to attain the moment to destroy her rival. Megan even uses her fists pounding into Pippa’s stomach. Pippa firmly locks onto Megan once more cleverly locking her opponents arm with her own strong limbs stretching the American’s whole torso.

As the bout drives on toward its conclusion a healthy mutual respect is acknowledged by both as to their incredible strength. This struggle for supremacy makes for an intriguing and extremely watchable wrestling match with a fabulous winning hold that is worthy of such a superb contest.