You’ve Got No Chance!


Eva vs. Lottie

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Run Time: 17 mins
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Don’t be fooled by Lottie’s sweet smile and blonde pigtails… she no dainty damsel! But then again she’s rarely faced an adversary as skilled and experienced as Eva. Right from the start the brunette demonstrates that she’s not underestimating her opponent and she goes on the attack punishing Lottie with an array of grueling holds.

But the blonde possesses astounding endurance and as Eva discovers repeatedly the newcomer has a particularly crushing scissorhold! Try as Eva might to draw a submission from the blonde Lottie refuses to give up and she keeps battling on.

Finally one woman subjects the other to a spine-mauling backbreaker hold and the victim has no choice but to surrender or else risk serious injury!

This one features tremendous amateur grappling between a longtime favorite Eva and a new face we’re certain you’ll come to love here at the Belles Lottie!