A-Town Return


Tyler Dare vs. Heather Stone

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…The Return of Heather Stone…

There are some women who after having faced Tyler want nothing more than to steer clear of her after that. And then there are some who determined to avenge their loss and invigorated by the challenge the redhead presents come roaring back demanding more.

Heather Stone definitely falls into that latter category. Although a grappling novice she amply proved in her first match with Tyler that she’s a true natural on the mat. Now having spent the intervening time between that first confrontation and now training and preparing brunette Heather is ready for a rematch!

Prior to the match the two beauties try to psych each other out a bit with some trash talking. Tyler mockingly asks if Stone has learned anything since last time and Heather confidently declares she’s learned how to kick the redhead’s ass!

This Best of Three Falls submission bout is action-packed right from the start! Although Tyler has a definite advantage in size and raw strength the lithesome Heather again demonstrates that she is deceptively powerful and that she has endurance to spare.

Legs are the weapons of choice today as both women punish one another with all manner of scissors. They also don’t hesitate to use MMA-style chokeholds as this battle goes the full three falls. It only ends when one battler goes for broke with a potentially crippling spine breaker while her opponent valiantly resists it far past the point when most women would have tearfully submitted.

There may be smiles behind the exhausted faces and complimentary handshakes at the end but there’s no denying the almost electric current between these two warriors: They can’t wait for the day…hopefully sometime soon…when they’ll meet on the mats again! But until that day comes you won’t want to miss this amazing contest between two of the most exciting young women to ever hit the Southern Belles!