Allie’s Pro-Am Challenge


Allie Parker vs. Samantha Grace

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Run Time: 19 mins
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Allie Parker’s rise in pro wrestling these last few years has been so awe-inspiring it’s perhaps easy for many fans to forget that she’s also an accomplished amateur grappler. And while her pro work keeps her plenty busy Southern Belles is always happy to arrange an amateur match whenever she asks!

And speaking of keeping busy Allie has her hands full in this one as she takes on Samantha Grace! The voluptuous blonde is eager to prove she has the skills to best Parker and she pulls out all of the stops to claim victory!

Plenty of body to body action to this with arms and legs serving as both weapons and targets. Both beauties try to wear down the other and force a submission even as they themselves struggle to stave off exhaustion.

The contest finally comes to a conclusion as one grappler snares her opponent in a pretzel hold and demands she verbally concedes. Once that’s accomplished the triumphant wrestler insists on striking a victory pose over her beaten rival humbling her as she gloats and declares “Let me get my pose on… I deserve this!”

This is a terrific amateur match between two highly skilled grapplers that you will not want to miss!