Crushing Pressure


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Raven

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Run Time: 16 mins
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Pippa and Raven have had sharp words over the break-up of their tag team. (SB0226)

Raven has been in the gym working out day and night and it’s immediately obvious that she has added muscle to her already powerful frame. Now these former partners… and former mentor and pupil… are facing one another in an SBWC match.

Raven is intent on showing Pippa that she’s outgrown and surpassed her former teacher while veteran Pippa is ready to show the upstart that while she taught Raven everything she knows she didn’t teach her everything that L’Vinn knows!

The result is as one-sided a match as we have ever seen in the Southern Belles as Raven learns that determination rarely overcomes experience.

Pippa punishes her opponent with an array of agonizing scissors plus painful claw holds and even hand-over-mouth smothers. It’s all that Raven can do to hold out for as long as she does.